Why Choose Us

We are changing the way asphalt repair companies do business in Waco. Our goal here at River’s Edge Sealcoating & Striping is to become the best asphalt repair company by providing high-quality and eco-friendly solutions to our customers’ problems with affordable and quick turnaround times.

Some companies claim to be the best without really backing up their claims, but not us. Here are the top reasons why River’s Edge is the best company to do your next asphalt repair job.


Established in 2007, River’s Edge has over 15 years of accumulated experience with a proven and successful track record of consistently delivering timely and quality service to our customers. We have completed hundreds of projects over the years, which gave us the expertise to tackle our customers’ asphalt repair problems in the most efficient way possible.

Our experience as paving contractors can provide our customers with confidence, knowing that we know how to do things correctly and professionally. We will not risk the good name that we have painstakingly built for almost two decades. We aspire to provide service that increases in quality and value even as the years progress.


What separates River’s Edge from most of our competitors is our commitment to taking a hands-on and proactive approach to every project. We believe that the success of any project depends on the amount of passion given to it. We at River’s Edge are very passionate when it comes to our goal of becoming the best asphalt repair company in Waco. We prefer to be hands-on in our approach.

We want to manage everything correctly to ensure that the project is completed within our customers’ specified budget and schedule while maintaining the highest implementation standards possible. Our hands-on approach ascertains that nothing is overlooked or missed, even if it means working 24 hours for our customers’ projects. We are always ready to manage the nitty-gritty of the project while also giving personal attention to our customers. We strive to maintain a clear and open two-way communication with our customers.

Moreover, unlike other asphalt repair companies that hire mere subcontractors to do the job, we at River’s Edge will take on the job ourselves. Our experts and skilled workers will be working together to make sure that we can deliver the best service to our customers.


River’s Edge knows the paving and asphalt industry by heart. We take pride in the many positive driveway sealcoating reviews that we continue to receive from satisfied customers over the years. We maintain customer satisfaction with competitive pricing, courteous customer service, clear two-way communication, and consistently high-quality results.

We believe that the best form of advertisement is quality service. All concrete driveways and asphalt pavement projects that we have accomplished in the past testify to how serious we are in what we do. We know that no customer can be satisfied with poor quality. When customers are dissatisfied, they are unlikely to re-avail our service, much more to recommend us to their peers and other people. We don’t want that to happen, so we always give our 100% to every project.

As professionals, we at River’s Edge are not only interested in completing the job. We are also interested in seeing our customers’ quality of life improve because of the projects that we have implemented. We do not cut corners. When we take on an asphalt repair job, we also check if a drainage system is in place. We don’t like it when our customers suffer because of our negligence. We do our best to place ourselves in the shoes of our customers. Our goal is to have happy and satisfied customers at the end of the day.

Less reliable asphalt repair or sealcoating companies are just there for the money. We at River’s Edge rise above that. We value long-term relationships. We want to keep a productive relationship with every customer. We want to make relationships as durable and dependable as the asphalt pavement or concrete driveways that we make.


Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees that no aspect of the project is left unchecked. Careless handling of even the most minute detail can result in mistakes that may be very costly to correct. The wrong choice between an easy-to-apply solvent-based and a water-based sealer can result in a project disaster! Less experienced asphalt repair companies often overlook small details like this.

We at Rivers Edge have meticulous attention to detail. We pay attention to everything, no matter how seemingly small they are. No detail escapes our eye — from the type of sealer to the most effective drainage solution. We prefer to be on top of everything. Most importantly, we do not discriminate between projects. We give the same vigor to every project we take on, no matter its size and scope. We complete all projects excellently. All customers should feel satisfied and happy.


You should not call a plumber when your house is on fire. So, when you need asphalt repair or any service related to asphalt surfaces, you need the best asphalt repair company. We are THAT company. We specialize in asphalt repair, seal coating, and pavement striping. We know how to protect your driveway from UV rays… we know how to increase your curb appeal. Most importantly, we know how to do it affordably and in the most environmentally friendly way.


We place a high value on our customer’s timetables. The efficient internal processes that we have developed over the years have given us the capability to provide quality service at a quick turnaround time. We ensure that every job is completed on time, whether it’s repairing small cracks or something more comprehensive like installing blacktop driveways from scratch. When you choose River’s Edge, we guarantee that you will never experience delays in your project.


Our goal at River’s Edge is to become and remain to be the best sealcoating company in Waco. We take this goal to heart. So, we make sure that we excel in what we do and comply with the best practices in the asphalt repair and sealcoating industry. We only use the best products and the most dependable equipment. We hire only the best people, and we invest heavily in continuously improving the skills of each member of our team while maintaining our affordable rates. We want to be your go-to name when you think about asphalt repair.

So, when you hire us to do the job, you can be sure that we will end up with a driveway that will pass the strictest standard. Call us right away when you’re ready to start! We look forward to the start of our productive relationship.